Installation Art

I am originally a sculptor. For a sculptor, it is natural to work with space. Furthermore, I always had a passion for contemporary dance, and in a certain period, I did a lot of improvisation dance. Dancing, you move in your space that you share with others, and very creative moments can happen. I always had the feeling that dancing is the other side of the sculpture: The moment can be endless, but the moving is fast. In sculpture, there is no movement, but there can be a lot of inner activities at the moment.
Working even with bigger spaces came somewhat naturally, so it was easy to go from sculpture to installation and use a whole room or whatever area I had. I like to do site-specific installations and to work with a given space. I find that inspiring, and when I see the room, I usually have a lot of ideas.
Here in the gallery, you will find my different installations over the last few years. Lately, I did less because of a lack of time to dedicate to that.