Art brings joy into your life.

The small non-observed things become alive and vital. Everything becomes more interesting because it becomes life!

Art is an adventure for everybody involved!

Do it or look at an artwork, your life becomes more affluent.

Art has a lot to do with playing, forgetting what is around me, and trying out materials and techniques. Please, start to see life as an experiment to learn and endeavor new adventures through my work.

Painting and Drawing

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Three Dimensional

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Terra Incognita, Rundgang durch eine Ausstellung

Fasten your seatbelts!

The artist takes you on a journey through her work. to concentrate, observe,

It is a series of six relatively small paintings on wood in red and in blue. If you are curious, have a look.

Meet the artist behind the work of formes, shades, and colors

Amet ligula ornare et varius mattis.

Surrounded by the beauty of the historic places and the soothing, calming country made her Art vibrant and meditative at the same time. It is a journey to different countries far away but rooted in the here and now.

See beyond …