Art brings joy into your life.

The small non-observed things become alive and vital. Everything becomes more interesting because you recognize the life in it!

Art is an adventure for everybody involved!

Looking at an artwork, your life becomes more affluent.

Art has a lot to do with playing, forgetting what is around you, and trying out materials and techniques. It is the same for the producer of art as for the viewer. Through art, life can become an adventure in which you come more and more involved the more you get into it.

Three Dimensional

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Painting and Drawing

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Terra Incognita, Rundgang durch eine Ausstellung

Terra Incognita

Exhibition about Nature and the implements in the work

This is a walk through the exhibiton  

The text is written by Petra Meyer for this exhibition!

Meet the artist behind the formes, shades, and colors

Learning from nature and transmitted through the art!

The beauty of the old villages in Italy and the soothing countryside influence her work. Starting from the material found in nature to the subjects of her art. It is vibrant and meditative at the same time. But is also a journey to herself and different layers of being rooted in the here and now.