water is not far


In the deep

These are a series of monoprints done during the shutdown in Italy because of...

Terra incognita

Solo show in Studio TiEpolo38, Rome, Opening September 21, 2018...

7 boats and 79 roses

Installation for the Nord Art in Büdellsdorf, Schleswig- Holstein 2005 Photo ©...

Selfie 1

monoprint 27 x 37 cm

In the wild 1

Linoleum Print with three plates and two plates drypoint on aluminum 2017

universes 1

Etching, three plates on one paper Hayter tecniche, acqua forte, acqua tinta,...

globi celesti e creature terrestri

Installati in resin studio Tiepolo 38 , Rome 2008  

langobards nots

Installation with different media Kunstverein Buxtehude 2010 Jutta de Vries...

Who do you think we are?

Installation with different media Cultural Center St. Stephens School Rome...

universes inside and outside the box

mixed media with etchings inside the boxes and poem of William Blake 2016

Dreams in a nutshell

black marble, mixed media 30,20,20 cm 2009 photo © Alfio Fisicara  


bardiglio, 60x 40x30 cm 2010 Micol di Veroli  per la mostra "Endless chain" a...