The tree of consciousness detail

Installationart, trees of consciousness

“I mei genitori sono il signor Dubbio e la signora Coscienza”

This work was shown in an exhibition in Fiumicino 2022, dedicated to Pier Paolo Passolini curated by Sandro Paolo. In Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film “Uccellacci e uccellini” the crow at the beginning responds this way when asked about his family.
It struck me very much, because I often find myself in doubt and the search for clarity. Doubt appears in my pictures. Should one see the trees disassembled? Is it right to put myself in them?
I created a kind of “forest,” consisting of old wooden beams tied to pine branches freed from the bark. For me, the forest and its trees are particularly sensitive and become increasingly fragile when the summer is too hot, with the wet winter, with the dry winter, and with every fire. Someday perhaps we will have only plastic forests and look longingly at the beautiful photos of ancient forests and trees that once repaired roads.
My trees are delicate, fragile and can quickly dissolve into their individual parts. They are naked, stripped of their protection and only the ends are connected with red wire.

Translated with DeepL