The world is fragile and so I am

fibre art remanso

This work was exhibited i Rom in the excatiera Latina during the exhibition “Remanso” curated by Maria Constanza Villarreal e Vittorio Beltrami in 2022.

When the war in Ukraine started, I realized how fragile our lives, our comforts, are. From one moment to the next everything can change.
Hence came the idea for this piece on fragility.
I also read an article about insects that are rapidly disappearing.
This, too, indicates how fragile our life is. We humans no longer have respect either for the lives of other species or for the earth’s resources.
We live on a fragile planet. And it is becoming more and more than clear how fragile our system and we humans are. Insects may be the first to go, but who will be next?
So many useful things will be lost with them; they too are as important as any other species, including our own.