I participated at a collective installation at Sala uno in Rome in May 2018, called : under the same roof.

“Marina Buening, Kristien de Neve, Anita Guerra and Maria Korporal were inspired by the challenges and fears that can emerge when sharing a common living space, expressing in this work the desire and the need for a harmonious cohabitation.

As a visual metaphor, they have chosen a bamboo structure of a simple building, octagonal in shape, with four entrances and four walls. The vertical planes, like walls, act as a diaphragm dividing inside from outside and intersect with the corresponding horizontal plane, replicating our human condition: living beings in an upright position, as communicating elements between heaven and earth.

Each artist connects the horizontal plane that touches the ground with the one touching the sky with her vertical wall, and in turn, interprets and interacts with one another’s vertical structures.” Kristien de Neve

About my work :

For me, nature is increasingly becoming the source of my inspiration and an intrinsic part of my art. In the installation, “Under the same Roof”, I created a kind of forest, made of 8 wooden fence posts. Pinetree branches that are bared from their bark are connected to these posts. The fragility and also the vulnerability of nature is expressed in this way. The forest can dissolve again at any time into its individual parts and is then left to decay.  On the wall behind the forest you can see 8 gilded small frames in which the selfies of the involved artists can be seen. Selfies seem to be the absolute expression of superficiality in our media-centered society. Our images are reflected in our cellphones but we really want to know more. I believe there is an attempt to recognize oneself, to address the age-old questions of: Who am I? Where do I come from? What do I have to give to the world? If we really go in search of these answers, we find that we are only part of a larger whole, and therefore of nature, which we should better protect, as part of ourselves.


The number 8 stands for every corner of our house in the exhibition.


Technique:  8 wooden poles of old fences. Tied to it, with a cotton thread are branches of pine trees. These branches have been previously released from their bark. The branch ends are wrapped in red cotton thread. On the wall behind the forest hang eight gilded frames. The photos or self-portraits of the four participating artists hang in the frame.